Zone Clean Your Office Space

Team of professional janitors in uniform cleaning office using a checklist

It can be exhausting keeping up a clean workspace, especially with high-traffic, fast-paced businesses. If you are in charge of janitorial duties within the business or hired from a local cleaning service company, tackling a thorough cleaning can seem daunting. Divide and conquer is probably the best approach to keeping most workspaces almost spotless. Zone clean with a plan of attack, starting with the division of the work environment into separate quadrants and deep clean with a few of our tips.

Be Prepared

Start with checking your stock as you gather all the necessary cleaning supplies for your day. Fill your cart or carrier so that you will not waste time wandering back and forth grabbing what was forgotten. In fact, ending your day by restocking your carryall for the next day will save you even more time and help you keep track of when it’s time to reorder any products that are running low.


Create a rotation schedule so that you hit all cleaning zones. You should evaluate which areas of the office need more attention and which areas may be unavailable for cleaning on certain days or times of the day. Doing this will set you up for success by having a structure that will have you less overwhelmed and more on-task.

Dusting Method

After decluttering each zone, dusting and wiping down surfaces is a must. Work from top to bottom so that dust particles do not accumulate on areas that have already been cleared.

Friends: Broom and Vacuum

One of the last tasks in your zone cleaning should be with your friendly broom and vacuum. First, sweep areas that you are able to, then run your vacuum over each area thoroughly – both carpeted and hard surfaces. Fortunately, most modern vacuums have varying settings from hard flooring to shag carpets, along with tools that will clean those hard-to-reach places.

Trash It

Taking out the trash daily is a great way to keep it in check. Replace the liners, quickly wipe the bins down with disinfectant, and voila!

If you keep up with a consistent routine with zone cleaning, your daily recoveries will not be so daunting. The workspace you are responsible for will shine brighter and be deemed healthier on a regular basis!