Cleaning Services

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

If you are a business with a commercial or small office building, you will absolutely need a cleaning service that you can trust. When you employ any amount of people, there is a certain amount of care and protection that you should be providing. When you take pride in the presentation, health, and upkeep of your office, you will indirectly boost employee production. If the staff does not have to be concerned about cleaning duties, there is more time to focus on work.

Although every office is different in size and equipment, there are several services that are covered by Covenant Building Maintenance. Flexibility is very necessary, as some business may require weekly, monthly, or expedited cleaning. Customer satisfaction is the overall goal; we can customize your cleaning schedule along with any other specific cleaning requests. Take pride in your office appearance and keep your staff on task by utilizing an office cleaning business who has your best interest.

Our Office Cleaning Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Dusting the walls, windowsills, ledges, blinds, ceiling fans, desks, and bookshelves
  • Straightening cushions and pillows.
  • Sweeping, Vacuuming & Mopping the floors
  • Clean all glass (i.e. windows, mirrors, glass tables)
  • Emptying the trash and replace bag.
  • Scrub sinks
  • Toilets cleaned and disinfected
  • Replacing toilet paper and paper towels if needed.
  • Cleaning of the breakroom and small appliances
  • Wiping down tables
  • Sanitizing phones and headsets.
  • Dusting ceiling fans and desks

We will use our own high-quality equipment with experienced technicians, so that you know the job will be done right! Contact us to learn more about our cleaning services from our highly dedicated and experienced staff.

Covenant Building Maintenance

We will clean what we say we will clean on the agreed upon schedule. This is our covenant with our client.

Contact us to learn more about our cleaning services from our highly dedicated and experienced staff including daily cleaning, janitorial techs, window cleaners, building maintenance specialists, and much more.