Green Cleaning

Green Commercial Cleaning Services

Green Commercial Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services are typically a more natural, less chemical, less waste of energy and water; most of all they are considered by most, a way to keep cleaning healthy work, business, and living spaces. Cleaning products that can run on a scale from ‘natural’ and ‘free from’ to organic and vegan; while the equipment used work in an efficient and sustainable way, to waste as little as possible. There are many commercial cleaning companies that offer ‘green’ cleaning but look closely to make sure that they are following a certified program.

  • Cleaning solutions should be free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, scents and other additives that can cause health issues.
  • Staff should be following certain protocols in their cleaning techniques and products.
  • Use certified equipment that improves air quality.
  • Microfiber cloths are a great alternative to reduce waste by reuse.
  • Keep up to date on innovative and sustainable cleaning methods.
  • Team cleanings can reduce time, lighting, and energy since you will be finished in a shorter amount of time – savings in costs too!
  • Use sprays, not aerosols.
  • Cleaning with products and utilizing techniques that help reduce mold or bacteria growth.
  • Deep cleanings for carpets on a annual or semiannual basis to reduce irritants.
  • Reduce water usage when cleaning the floors.

‘Green’ janitorial cleaning services are vital for health, safety and visual appearances. They will aide in the success of your business and how they impact others and the environment. With appropriately trained technicians, you too can get the clean you want, the way you want, with the products you want.

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