Our Culture

Mission Covenant Building Maintenance

Covenant Building Maintenance, Inc.

We are a locally owned and operated family business. We take pride in this and in everything we do. Our goal is to create a culture of family, high consistency, innovative processes and reliable services. If you are looking for a position on our team, please fill out our employment form


To provide a clean, healthy, safe, productive environment for our clients.


By providing unparalleled consistency in total building maintenance of each client facility.


We will clean what we say we will clean on the agreed upon schedule – that is our covenant with our client.

Commitment to the Covenant

We pledge our commitment to exceed the needs of our clients. We will provide superior service at fair ethical pricing. We recognize and appreciate the necessity of employing only the best to achieve our vision.


I am proud to embrace the Covenant with our Clients, and my fellow teammates. I am essential to achieving the mission and vision of CBM and will back our guarantee 100%. I support the dedication CBM shows in my community and will follow that example.


I will have intense passion and enthusiasm to serve the needs of our Clients. I will show eagerness in the pursuit of my success. I will take pride in knowing that this passion will result in excellence.


My experience will motivate me to be prompt and prepared. As a result I will provide our clients with a quick response and resolution to each of their needs.


I will demonstrate attention to detail and strive to exceed the expectations of the clients. I will add value to CBM by maintaining a high standard regarding quality inspections. I will exhibit a positive attitude and make the necessary adjustments to maintain quality standards.


I will display integrity and loyalty while remaining true to the Covenant. I have been entrusted to satisfy the Covenant with our clients and can be relied upon to accomplish this obligation. I will remain focused on the task at hand and ignore all distractions and achieve the highest level of productivity and efficiency.


CBM will pledge to provide its staff with good quality equipment. Equipment that has been rigorously tested by the experts in our industry and been proven to promote ergonomics, safety, good health, and productivity.

CBM will provide continuous training in both safety procedures and technology to remain at the leading edge of our industry. I pledge to support any changes that will assist me in fulfilling the covenant.


We have in place uniform procedures, training, and management to guarantee dependability. It is imperative that we develop our client’s trust through stellar consistent service, resulting in our client’s peace of mind. I will follow the instructions and guidance of CBM’s management team.


We are committed to learning new and improved methods to accomplish the Covenant with our clients. I will remain open to innovative ideas and apply continuous action that contributes to the development of our team. I understand the vision of CBM, and I know that I am essential to its accomplishment. I will share my thoughts, ideas and observations freely.


We understand the proper order in our relationships with our clients and our team members. From initial contact to a job well done to receipt of payment, we rely on problem solving and real time open communication to form a long-lasting alliance. As a team member I will correspond with my supervisor regarding any needs or issues found while working at the client’s facility.