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Property Management Services

Commercial Property Management Services

Property Management is very important in maintaining a successful business, retail shopping center, apartment complex, office building, and more. The first thing your clients, potential customers, and tenant are sure to notice – is the maintenance and cleanliness, it represents how much you care. Finding a reliable management company to trust and meet the challenges of your particular space is not only necessary for your property to thrive, but for the health of anyone living or working there. Every space is different in size, standards, and equipment, property management services that are covered by Covenant Building Maintenance.

We know that flexibility is a must for many, as some properties may require weekly, monthly, or emergency services. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority – we are here to serve your needs and go beyond your expectations.

Office Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular cleanings and maintenance are something that all offices building managers must to consider. In order to keep your employees healthy and productive, a consistent cleaning service is the answer.

Parking Lots, Common Areas & Grounds

These areas are often lower on the priority list, but they are the first thing a new client or tenant sees. Keep it free of litter and debris to reduce any potential hazards and to keep your grounds looking fresh and well cared for.

Restroom Cleaning

Every property will need restroom attention – this includes sanitizing to remove bacteria and potential air-borne sicknesses, restocking napkins, soaps, and other consumables.

Recreation, Reception, & Special Event Cleanup

If you are holding a special event, the last thing you want to have to think about is the cleanup. Whether at the club house, the swimming pool, common areas, or open lots – get your space recovered to its original condition or for the next event.

Construction Cleanup

If your property is newly renovated or built, a swift and quality cleaning is important for aesthetics and safety.

Dwelling Complex Management

Keeping your living complexes sanitary and maintained during your tenant’s residence is a must for your brand, your name, and reputation. It also reduces the amount of recovery after a tenant leaves, giving you more time to prep for the next ‘move-in’ showing.

Covenant Building Maintenance

We will clean what we say we will clean on the agreed upon schedule. This is our covenant with our client.

We will use our own high-quality equipment with experienced technicians, so that you know that every job will be done right! Contact us to learn more about our property management services from our highly experienced and devoted staff.