Floor Refinishing

Commercial Floor Refinishing

Commercial Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing may be necessary when the simple sanding, cleaning, and polishing are not enough to restore what was once beautiful. When you are working or living in higher traffic areas, you will notice a variation of quality and age in those areas compared to the rarely walked halls. If there are pets, water damage, or deep scratches that cannot be resolved, refinishing your floors will likely be in your future. At Covenant Building Maintenance, we are ready to tackle your floors and make them new again.

Refinishing services we offer:

  • Refinishing of hard and soft woods
  • Refinishing stairs and railings
  • Repairs
  • Custom staining
  • Rug removal
  • Installation and finishing of unfinished floors
  • Sand screening and polyurethane application
  • Installation of moldings/quarter-rounds

Preparation for your Floor Refinishing Service

  1. Seal your rooms, cabinets, electronics, bookshelves, etc with a protective plastic.
  2. Depending on the type of floor, sanding down to raw wood so that a fraction of an inch of floor is removed.
  3. Any holes are filled with wood filler to reduce any unsightly cracks.
  4. Floor sanding is then repeated 2 more times with a varied grade of sanding material to produce a flat and polished surface.
  5. We then sand-screen the floors to create a desired surface.
  6. Staining may be required and if so, 2 coats should be applied, with a drying between coats.
  7. Buffering is an absolute must for a uniform appearance.
  8. At last, the floor is coated with a type of polyurethane. If multiple coats are needed, then sanding will occur between each dry coat for a long-lasting quality.
  9. Clean-up of serviced areas and dust removal is a must.

Covenant Building Maintenance

We will clean what we say we will clean on the agreed upon schedule. This is our covenant with our client.

We will use our own high-quality equipment with experienced technicians, so that you know the job will be done right! Contact us to learn more about our superior services from our highly esteemed and dedicated professionals.