Your Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist

Holiday Party Cleaning

The holidays are here, and that means it is office party season. Your company looks forward to this year-round event. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your team and create memories without discussing work-related stuff. Our team is here to help you prepare for the pre-party cleaning and after-party chaos. Planning is crucial because you want to enjoy your party alongside your coworkers, and doing the tedious preparations will help with the party’s aftermath.

Before the Party

Before the party starts, you want to ensure your guests are coming into a clean area. No one wants to be partying in filth, but it is essential because it will be easier to clean up. The easiest way to get started is to disinfect all the counters and remove anything cluttered. You will need to vacuum or sweep the floors as well. Strategically placing things throughout the office area is essential, too. This means putting your trash cans in convenient locations. A safety tip would be to take any tripping hazards, move them out of the way, and encourage your employees to organize the space you’ll be occupying during the party. Another tip is to use disposable tablecloths for an easier clean-up. You should not only be cleaning the common areas, but you’ll need to double-check that the restrooms are fully refilled and disinfected.

After the Party

After the party has come and gone, this is when the actual clean-up happens. Choosing to clean up the night before or after is your discretion. It can feel extremely overwhelming after cleaning a party. But the trick we have noticed helps that stress is to start big. This means getting all your big garbage or debris out of the way. After removing the big clutter, you can move on to cleaning any stains or spots that may need extra attention. If any mess were still stuck on the floor or counter, this would be the perfect time to disinfect and remove stains. When you have finished spot cleaning, it is time to tackle the bathrooms and repeat the same process as before the party. We recommend you do a walk-through after the cleaning process.

Choose Covenant Building Maintenance

Cleaning is not the highlight of the holidays, but it is needed. It can be draining, and we want you to be able to enjoy the holidays. Call on our team experts. Our professionals would be honored to take care of the dirty work!