What You Need for a Professional Window Cleaning

Person cleaning window with squeegee

To get down to the nitty-gritty of any cleaning job, you need the proper tools and equipment. Window cleaning is no exception! In fact, with the clear nature of windows, what you use to clean with (both products and equipment) must be held to a high standard. Otherwise, everyone will see through your cleaning job when they can’t see clearly through the windows.

Basics – The Bucket, the Mop, & the Squeegee

To start, the bucket size will need to accommodate the most necessary window cleaning tools – the mop and the infamous squeegee. The mop style should be the washer and wand with a detachable handle and a washable sleeve. You can get the sleeve in a variety of styles for scrubbing or a softer clean.

The squeegee is probably the most well-known utensil for window cleaners, and they all have a favorite. They typically come in 3 pieces: the handle, the channel, and the rubber support piece for the channel. The rubber can be turned over and used before replacement.

Just Scrape It

Scrapers can be necessary for very tough-to-remove spots from painting mistakes, the buildup of insects, varnish, and other stubborn stains. A pocket-size scraper is enough for most window cleaning jobs, but be careful using these scrapers on glass. If you’re not careful you could end up with some nasty scratches.

The Right Detergent

Every window cleaner or cleaning company may claim a secret formula or go-to brand, but most can’t go wrong with the run-of-the-mill dishwashing soap. There are many ‘super’ brands that work well, and feel free to experiment! If your detergent is full of bubbly and vinegar-less, you should be streak and stain-free!

Other Items for the Newly Professional

If you are working with larger window projects you may need some additional items, including an extension pole and a ladder that can reach up to 2.5 stories. With these types of cleanings, a tool belt with a support bucket is ideal for holding everything you need without trekking up and down the ladder.

Need help? Give Covenant Building Maintenance a call! Our professional commercial cleaning crew can help get your windows sparkling clean.