The Importance of Cleaning Your Cubicle Walls

The Importance of Cleaning Your Cubicle Walls

If you work in an office building and have a cubicle work station, keeping yourself healthy will take more than just walls to protect you. In fact, those walls may be harming you while you work. While carpets and flooring are the primary focus of cleaning by the janitorial staff, the walls are slowly collecting germs from air circulation and employees coming in and out of your cube. If your cubicle walls are like most and made of fabric, there are so many reasons why you need to get them checked and cleaned.

Aesthetics and Professionalism

The way your cubicle walls look is almost as important as how clean they are. When you have a one on one or discussion with a superior, the last thing you want them focusing on is a stain on the walls in your work space. Food, coffee, you wonder how it got there, but it happens all the time. People eat with their hands, lean on your tables, walls, or chairs and you’re not even paying attention. Set aside time to check and have them cleaned by your cleaning staff.

Down with Dust mites

Taming the dust mites that travel from home to work is a challenging, but possible task. The mites that are trapped in cubicles, carpet fibers, any fabric furniture become a nuisance and can be a major distraction for employees. Cubicle walls are the best place to start.

Reduce other Allergens

Improve indoor air quality and reduce other allergens to make your work environment a healthy and happier space. Regular cleaning by a hired staff or outside company will help get rid of pesky mites and buildup of allergens that cause pains for many people, such as:

  • headaches
  • sneezing
  • asthmatic symptoms
  • watery, itchy eyes
  • runny nose

Cubicle walls are often left forgotten, but it is very important to take time and attention to these details. It will keep the state of your property as healthy and professional as you intend it to be.