Prepare the Conference Room for your Next Meeting

Prepare the Conference Room for your Next Meeting

The conference room is where contracts are signed, decisions are made, and discussions are abounding. To ensure that clients and guests within the organization feel not only welcome, but that there are no distractions, there are some things that should be addressed – disorganization, unpleasant smells, even the art or décor of a room can stunt creativity or be off-putting. But there are several things that you can do to present a place that fosters team building, strategizing, inspire training, and even impress potential clients.

Inviting Aromas

When working on a project or meeting for a new sale, the last thing you want is a smell to distract you. Even a dusty, musty, or stuffy room can stifle progress and become more of a nuisance. You should consider adding a diffuser or air freshener with a pleasant and light smell. If the space has a window, letting the air flow the room can help keep it freshened for your next meeting. You may even want to limit or ban any eating in the area.

A Regular Cleaning

A clean, organized area is much more preferable to a cluttered space that looks unkempt. Run a vacuum over the floors and wipe down the table and white boards. Take all of the clutter or unused equipment and move it to storage or file away.

A Little Refresh

Most of us have been in a long meeting or all-day training and spent a good amount of time analyzing the room that we’re in. You notice things that you normally wouldn’t when your eyes wander; to dusty screens or stains or scratched on the wall. So, sit in the workspace yourself and look around – attend to everything that your guests are sure to notice.

About the details

When you think about adding the final touches, something thoughtful and simple can make such difference. Just having an untouched looking room sets the right tone for productive activity. Even adding bottles of water, light snacks will make your guests feel welcome and ready to get down to business.

It can take a little effort, but if you keep your conference room regularly maintained you will have little to worry. Don’t let the flow be disrupted by an easily preventable ‘mess’, just follow these tips to set the tone for a successful space for your next meeting!