How Frequently Will Your Office Need Deep Cleanings?

How Frequently Will Your Office Need Deep Cleanings

You may wonder if deep cleanings are really necessary on a regular basis. Honestly it depends on the type of business, how many people, the foot traffic of clients or customers, and the season of the year. We typically think of spring cleanings as important, think of deep cleanings as just as important. Just remember that if you do work in a closed space, you are spending a lot of your life there, so yes, deep cleanings should be a part of the maintenance checklist.

If you are not sure how often a thorough clean should be implemented, it just depends on what your business needs are. There are many factors that can direct the need that you require:

Seasonality – Colds and flu symptoms can be brought in by anyone and fester in shared community spaces. Many office workers have sanitizer available on demand, but this is not enough. Also, with the havoc-wreaking weather of rain, snow, ice can generate the need for extra deep-down carpet cleaning.

Business Type – If you are a small business with few working, and even less incoming traffic, you will not need as many deep cleanings. But if you work in a medical facility or hospital, you are interfaced with sickness and germs on a daily basis, which could require monthly, weekly, or unplanned deep cleanings.

Foot Traffic – As mentioned, foot traffic in your building or facility can tell you a lot about the cleaning need. If you have visitors or clients coming in and out on a daily basis, a regularly scheduled deep clean will be necessary to keep your spaces healthy.

So, there is no exact answer to this, it really does come down to a few factors – but with the help of a professional cleaning company, you will be able to come up with a plan that will keep your business looking fresh and healthy!