Commercial Cleaning Tips for the Winter Season

Young man washing window in office

During the winter season, it is important to have methods of cleaning that ensure the safety of all individuals working or visiting your business. Check out these winter cleaning tips for your business that will keep you sparkling and safe all season long.

First Impressions, Window Care

Keeping your windows clean in the winter is important not only for the impression of care it gives to potential clients, partners, or investors but for managing energy costs and comfort for your staff and guests. Natural light penetrates clear windows more easily and in the winter this light helps to warm spaces thereby reducing some of the impact on your electric bill as well as keeping early mornings a bit more comfortable from the start of the day.

Regular Disinfecting and Cleaning

This should go without saying but keeping germs at bay, especially during high flu and cold season, along with the COVID-19 variability should be of the utmost importance when you or your janitorial tech is cleaning. On a daily basis, cleaners should disinfect high-traffic touch areas – doors, knobs, light switches, faucets, toilets, and other locations in common areas. If you are sharing laptops or stations, these will also need regular attention.

Floor Mats are a Must

Any entry point to your business should have a mat system or place to clear your shoes of debris, snow, salt, or mud from outside trekking. In the winter, the more inclement or wet weather the more opportunities for the outside to drag indoors; this can be not only unsightly but a hazard if there is a slippery surface. A floor mat is a great preventative tool.

Frequent Floor Cleaning

Whether you have a floor mat or not, there are certain areas that will not be covered with protection. Something will most likely track in even with the most thoughtful individuals. Therefore, regular floor cleaning is vital to maintain the safety and appearance of your carpets and any other flooring.

Clear Entryways

Another essential safety measure that will need to be addressed by your cleaning staff is paying attention to entry points outside of your building. This includes any ramps, sidewalks, or patio entryways that your business is responsible for. Applying salt, kitty litter, or any other kind of de-icer prior to and after winter weather hits is important as well as regular shoveling when needed. This will keep your employees and visitors feeling safe and helps a little with tracking in less.

Parking Lot Prep

Check if your cleaning company has the means to clear and care for your parking lot, otherwise, you should consider contracting a reputable and reliable snow and ice removal company. To have a clean and safe environment in your building starts with the parking lot. For liability purposes, this is probably the most important implementation to have in place, especially if you receive a lot of inclement weather.