Clean Doors – Keep Them That Way!

Keep Doors Clean

When you consider the cleanliness of each door of the front entrance, bathrooms, closets, individual rooms, and office – you might not really think about it. Doors often get unnoticed, maybe because we walk through them and don’t typically stare at them. But when you stop and consider every person who has walked through the door closed it behind them, may want to consider washing your hands more often. High traffic areas receive 100s of touches or more a day, even if you don’t see them. Smudges take time to accumulate enough to be seen however, you don’t need to wait until that point.

Make sure your professional or in-house cleaners are sterilizing doorknobs and areas where the most likely contact occurs. If this is done on a regular basis you will significantly reduce the number of bacteria and viruses that are spread throughout the property from person to person.

Whichever you decide to keep your property or business maintained, it should always be a planned priority. The door cleaning is just a part of that process, but it isn’t altogether time consuming (unless you have a plethora of doors.) You only need a cloth such as microfiber cloth and a disinfectant safe for your door. Spray, wipe, repeat until clean and clear. Spots, dirt, and smears should come off fairly easily, but you may need a little elbow grease and patience.

A reputable commercial cleaning company, like Covenant Building Maintenance, will surely take great care to details, especially when it comes to sanitizing and keeping our client’s locations in the healthiest condition. Doors are a priority with us, if your cleaners are knowledgeable and understand the importance of keeping them maintained. If you have to constantly follow up about the basics, then it might be time to shop somewhere else.

The doorknob is the most used aspect of the door that everyone touches, making it the textbook conditions for germs to spread to the next person to touch it, and so forth. It is a strong recommendation to use a disinfectant or antibacterial spray to clean, especially during cold and flu season.