Advantages of Professional Commercial Bathroom Services

Have you ever been in a commercial building’s bathroom and noticed dirty walls, toilet paper all over the floor, and graffiti on the stalls? It might make you regret going in. A filthy bathroom says a lot about a company, and as a customer, employee, investor, or partner, it can deter you from wanting to work with the business further. 

If you go to a higher-end restaurant or establishment, it says a lot when their bathrooms are always clean. A sanitary restroom speaks to how we care about customers, employees, and our overall establishment. We care about our appearance and the people who visit us. Hiring a professional commercial janitorial service like Covenant Building Maintenance can help you out!

Health & Wellness

In public bathrooms, millions of bacteria particles cover all available surfaces. People are always touching things, and even when they wash their hands (if they do wash them), the levers for the paper towels are touched, air dryers are spreading germs, and the door must be pulled or pushed to get out. No matter what you do, you are going to be contracting germs. The spread of germs on almost every surface we touch can lead to employees getting sick, decreasing productivity. 

It is essential to keep the air quality and overall cleanliness as pristine as possible. In a public multi-stall restroom, multiple people may be in there at once, increasing the chance of spreading germs. Therefore, it is crucial to clean these public spaces frequently to prevent the excess spread of germs and illnesses. Cleaning public restrooms also removes dust and allergens that people unknowingly inhale.

Business Appearance

One aspect that should be considered is your business’s appearance. Even though it is only the bathroom, it still needs to be taken care of. A business’s restroom can say a lot about the owner. Their willingness to take care of the smaller things signals to potential investors or business partners the kind of person they are and what type of business they run.

High-Quality & Licensed Commercial Cleaning Crew

Fully licensed and insured, all of us at Covenant Building Maintenance strive to make sure that our clients receive the best service possible. Retaining over 98% of our clients, they trust us to make sure that their bathrooms are consistently cleaned to create a safer, appealing, and credible reputation for their company. Our staff have been trained for daily, weekly, or monthly services with all the best cleaning services to provide a higher quality service to all our clients.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Sanitization
  • Restocking
  • Deodorizing
  • & Many More!

Call Covenant Building Maintenance for Your Janitorial Services

With our values as a company and all the services we provide, such as sanitizing, vacuuming, and floor cleaning services, we strive to make sure that all our present and future clients understand we aspire to keep your facilities a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable place to be.  

For all your janitorial service and needs, contact us today to schedule a free consultation!