The Covenant

Covenant Building Maintenance has high standards when it comes to keeping your building clean and properly maintained. Our employees are committed to doing their best for our clients. We are competitive in price and CBM provides added value by:

  1. Ensuring that your building portrays a first class image to your customers and your employees
  2. Providing a healthy environment – free from contaminates such as mold, bacteria, allergens and pollutants. A healthy building with good indoor air quality will also reduce the amount of sick time taken by employees. (Studies have proven that employees are more productive in a clean environment.)
  3. Ensuring through regular maintenance that your building will cost less to maintain.
  4. Keeping your building in top shape which allows you to maintain high property values since a well-cared for building improves the lifespan of the facility.

In addition, Covenant Building Maintenance will provide for:

  • All of your general cleaning services provided by a dedicated staff of well-trained employees
  • Specialized cleaning services including carpet spotting and cleaning, hard surface floor care, window washing, construction clean-up, lawn care and exterior maintenance
  • Professional advice on all of your cleaning concerns and issues

We have clients throughout Northern Virginia, along the I-81 corridor, throughout the Shenandoah Valley and in the panhandle of West Virginia. We are a vital and growing company with a solid base of personnel, ready, willing and able to assist you in operating your business through professional maintenance of your physical plant.